Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael "Joseph" Jackson ~ Rest In Peace

Michael Jackson

Take Two, Part Nine, A Man with a loving heart, Michael Jackson.

I’ve just finished watching the whole “Living with Michael Jackson series, both take one and take two. I was really curious about the way Martin Bashir interview Michael Jackson when I’m watching the take one.

I’ve always trusted Michael Jackson as a truly great man with an undoubtedly caring heart within his soul. After I watched the take two, finally I realize that this guy was setting Michael Jackson up to gain popularity and rating in the show.

It was really a shame to those who did that to Michael Jackson. As I’m writing this my heart is in pain and so I’ve decided to let all my friends and people who know Michael Jackson to have a glimpse into his loving soul.

He’ll always be a man who inspires us to live a life that we all share our love with each other. Michael Jackson, rest in peace.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learn from Everyone

Last week was a really tiring week, I (no, should be “we”) slept at 2 and woke up at 5 almost every day. Just to do some exercises and then have to stay in the hall for some speeches. Although it hurts my back a little since have to be seated for like, 6 hours a day, it’s the precious memories I got.

I get to know a lot of friends, which mostly not from Kuala Lumpur and almost all are younger than me. I stayed in Kolej Kediaman Keempat where all the Pembantu Mahasiswa was torturing us for the whole week. In my opinion, no one will blame them but in the contrary will be grateful that we’re under their care.

It’s the first time for me to do cheers, fight cheers, do Chicken and Shi-Sha-Sha-Oo-Oo dance [silly but fun], presentation, and sing songs like Satu Suara, Gemuruh etc as Sel Satu member. I really learn a lot from this bunch of youngsters. They teach me how to work as a family within friends, be humble and moderate, confidence, leadership, discipline, courage and more.

We’ve been told that this year orientation was not that tiring and fun compared to past years because of the influenza-A, H1N1 pandemic. We’re not allowed to go out for the week to avoid the virus to spread among new students.

There was an act by all the Pembantu Mahasiswa and Penyelia. It was a good one, because it really scared me and many other students, some of them even cry. I won’t tell the details here but some who went to matriculation will know.

I’m not staying in the Kolej but I’ll treasure all the memories and friends that I know there.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KAMAKURA by John Fairbairn

Kamakura is sometimes considered as de facto capital of Japan during the Kamakura period that marks the governance by the Kamakura Shogunate established in 1192 by the first shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo [It’s my favorite character in the game Genji].

This is simply introduction to the name Kamakura, but not the Kamakura book write by John Fairbairn. The book above was about the jubango match in 1939 to 1941 between Kitani Minoru and Go Seigen in which Go Seigen prevailed over the board with the final score of six wins to four loses.

This book contains 190 pages but there were only 10 games in it. The main aspect of the book that distinguished itself with any other GO books written before was the usage of few moves per diagram to illustrate it so that one can visualize it without a goban.

Within 4 days I’ve finished reading the book thoroughly once, since 21st to 24th June. The realistic experiences that brought out through all the diagrams really means that Kamakura was a treasure must be keeping by any GO player. It will definitely improve one’s strength by at least one to two stones by finishing this book.

Well, it was not enough just by reading it once. There were too many words that I don’t understand where I’ll use a dictionary when I enjoy it for the second time. Third time will come where I’ll laid out the stones on the goban to feel the experiences and the tense of the games that brought to us from the deep thinking by the players from the time it was played.

All my friends that play me will know that I’ll hardly play hoshi using either black or white. Since komoku and takamoku were my favorites. Now hoshi will be the frequent if not all that I’ll use when I hold white. The 1-3-5 Shusaku’s opening will still be my forte when using black.

Thanks to Hock Doong in telling me about this magnificent book and helped me to buy it. Can’t wait to finish it for the second time and then lay it out.

I’ve now being accepted into University Malaya to pursue my study in music. I’ll not have enough time to improve my beloved hobby, GO. Anyway I’ll still review the old kifu to satisfy my thirst for it and I’m now impatiently waiting for the books ordered by the help of Hock Doong.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

To add some color to the post, I’ve posted this picture which I got it from Jing-na’sblog [], first I thought it was the piano keys pattern on the dresses they are wearing but found out that it wasn’t. Still I like this picture and decided to put it here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shino's Birthday / Nella Fantasia

It’s been a while since my last post. Last week on Saturday, 13th June 2009, we celebrated Shino’s birthday in The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur. Dennis, Me and Philip went to Mid valley and bought a cake for her from bread talk. It was the first time ever that we celebrated someone’s birthday there.

Those who were attending that day; Billy, Hock Doong, Mr. Tiong (president of MWA), Philip, Dennis, Zaid, Suzanne D’bel (her name quite unique so I write it out), Mr. Leong (Shino’s friend), Boon Ping (strongest Malaysia GO player) and two more (sorry that I can’t recall because too many names for me).

After that we headed to Venezia Italian Restaurant, nearby Leisure Mall, to have dinner. To all pizza lovers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, here’s the best place where you can eat the most delicious pizza(s) in town. It’s really good and it’s made by Italian chef.

This week, I’ve discovered something, that’s Beethoven virus. It’s not a virus anyway, but it does spread to the world as one of the most successful classical drama ever made, it’s by the Korean. I’ve used only four days to finish this 18 episodes drama, it’s fantastic. The actor Kim Myeong-Min who played the character Kang Maestro really did a good job in presenting the essence of music and the importance role of the conductor.

In Beethoven virus, one can learn the true meaning of music; it’s something to be enjoyed. There was a piece in the drama that I wanted to share with everyone who loves music. "Gabriel's Oboe" Nella Fantasia, by Ennio Morricone, was appeared in episode 5 of the drama. In the scenes, one can really feel the power of the conductor and the piece that was performed will touch and reach deep into your heart.

Here, I would like to present the video;

"Gabriel's Oboe" Nella Fantasia, by Ennio Morricone

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Couple; MEMENTO

MEMENTO; Khye Lojk & Kian Bin

Yesterday was a momentous day for my friends, Kian Bin & Khye Lojk, a new couple that took their wedding photos at DE Paris. The photo above was copied and attached here from facebook of the lovely bride, which I get the copyright from her ^^.

Me, Becky, Kenneth and Baron went to their shooting session but we’re not allowed to go to the studio, the reason given was the photographer need to focus and not distracted.

The bride did comes up and shows us her most happy and beautiful moment but I was not lucky enough to see it because I need to go before that. I’m still happy that I get to see them in tuxedo and gown on the same day.

For that time only I know that it’ll need approximately 6 hours, give and take, to complete the shooting session. Although it was a long time, but once you see the outcome of it, you’ll appreciate it more.

Note(s): More to enjoy once their wedding photos are ready.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Depth Reading; Meijin

Here I would like to share a game that I reviewed today, the 33rd Meijin Title Match, game Three. This game was interesting in the sense of the depth reading by the current Meijin; Cho U.

In the Diagram I below, the move 99 starts a fierce attack by Cho U, this move was backed up with the profound analysis of depth reading, in which black will eventually trap the middle white stones. 

Diagram I

Diagram II shows the final results of the attack once black switch to move 141, notice that the top left white group was under attack.

Diagram II

The game went through an interesting flow, in which both players hallucinated once in the tense moment of the fighting. I will not go through it, since it’ll need long explanations. 

The 1st league of the Malaysia Weiqi Asscociation has ended. Following is my results throughout the league that span from February 7th to May 2nd 2009. It was not a good result for me but I’ll put up more effort in the 2nd league.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was great. A few things that I did with my friends together were memorable moments.

Saturday we played a bunch of GO games and now Shougi has also become a part of our weekly enjoyment at Japan Club. It’s fascinating to learn something new when playing Shougi, especially the way to protect the weakness of the opening, for example the advancing pawn guarding by a rook. Zaid was really good at this, and he was very careful about the surrounding pieces and thus to win him will be a very difficult task. Now we got Hock Doong and Jimmy joining our small Shougi society initiated by Ryou Takehito, a friend from Brunei.

On the very same night, it was our pleasure being invited to Shino’s sister’s birthday party. It was a warm and lively party, full of her family members and friends. We (me, Zaid and Philip) did enjoy the foods and the relaxing surrounding of it. In Shino’s place, Zaid and me played a game of Xiangqi, although I thought I got better chance of winning, I lost after I did a single mistake by losing a rook without compensation in which I can’t make a comeback and staged an upset to his lead. This shows his formidable strength in concentration.

After that we went to Hock Doong’s place to play RISK, a board game of world conquering. This was my third time playing this game. I and Jacky were playing as a team and we did join forces with Zaid's and Philip's troops. This was to overcome the treaty agreed by Hock Doong and Patrick. RISK is a long game to play and we did manage to finish it in between 3 a.m. to 4 a.m., after being revised by Hock Doong to a simpler version. If not it’ll be at least 5 to 7 hours to finish a single game.

Not to forget our friend in Japan, Boon Ping, was playing as a Malaysia representative. He scores 5 wins and being ranked 20th, a proud achievement and if I remember well it was the highest we got so far in WAGC.

Sunday, we again meet at Japan Club. The difference between going there on two distinct days was we played with the Japanese players more on Sunday. Mr. Tsuda has come back from Japan and a new strong player, Mr. Imura has been coming to play frequently.

After a few games, Philip and I went to Mid Valley to catch a movie, which we got to watch Star Trek for free, because his friend got three free tickets for it. It was my first time watching Star Trek, even though it was broadcasted in Malaysia long time ago. I was exciting to watch a sci-fi movie; with the idea of speed of light space ship, black hole, teleport or warp, aliens, space travel, mind reading and many more. There’s one thing that I can hardly accept, that’s time travel, imagine another self of yours appears before you. Still I thought it was plausible, since there’s no limit for the unexpected to happen, nothing is impossible.